What tools are in your teaching toolbox? Do you want to create more engaging lessons? Develop class culture? And make classroom management more meaningful and effective? 
WorldsXP diversifies learning through gaming mechanics to reach every type of learner!

We are a game-based education podcast and we are launching WorldsXP this summer. Check out this page to learn a little more about WorldsXP. If you are interested in the kit you can sign-up below for updates. You will also receive some print and play characters to get started with gamification.

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What types of students are in your learning environment? What methods for teaching do you use to reach and engage your students? What types of relationships and class culture have you developed in your learning environment?

Through gaming mechanics WorldsXP can help to:

WorldsXP is a streamlined gameful experience for your learning environment to increase engagement, develop class culture, and reinforce positive behavior. By implementing WorldsXP you will be able to enhance the learning experience for your adventurers through different gamification elements. As the Kit Master, your Adventurers (students) will choose characters, give them their own unique personalities, go on thematic RPG adventures, and earn XP and achievements all while accomplishing three main goals in your learning environment.

The kit includes two decks of 27 unique character cards, 27 item and achievement cards, 108 XP cards, and a 40-page Teacher's Handbook loaded with tips for implementing the kit and using gamification and game-based learning for your learning environment.

With WorldsXP you will have a gamified curriculum as a part of your learning environment with the core components of characters, an RPG Adventure Story, and XP. This can be “laid on top of” an already designed classroom management structure and curriculum. You will be able to use the XP system as a behavioral management system, and you will be able to integrate learning objectives into the RPG Adventure Stories. It will help to encourage engagement and motivation, develop culture, and reinforce positive behavior in your adventure space. These are the core components of WorldsXP. Be sure to sign-up for the email list below to receive updates about the advanced features and to know when WorldsXP launches on Kickstarter.     

What are the characters for?

Students will choose a character card, like the one below. Adventurers (students) will choose a character and make it their own. By choosing a character and giving their character a name, personality, and attributes students develop a relationship with their character and sense of ownership in the game, and ultimately their learning environment.

Using WorldsXP in Your Learning Environment!

Add learning objectives into your RPG stories to create an enriching learning environment for your adventurers!
Allow adventurers to earn XP to reinforce positive behavior and create opportunities for differentiation in learning!
Create learning experience with your adventures to develop a strong sense of class culture!