A streamlined gameful experience for your learning environment to increase engagement, develop class culture, and reinforce positive behavior.

We are a game-based education podcast and we are launching WorldsXP this summer. Check out this page to learn a little more about WorldsXP. If you are interested in the kit you can sign-up below for updates. You will also receive some print and play characters to get started with gamification.




Increase engagement and motivation

WorldsXP fosters learner motivation through game-based learning, community ownership, collaboration, and healthy competition.


Develop class culture

Peer relationships foster and develop naturally as a part of the collaborative environment WorldsXP provides. Develop student-teacher relationships through RPG adventures.


Reinforce positive behavior

WorldsXP is a classroom management system that helps reinforce positive behavior through rewards such as XP, items, and achievements.

Meet Crooky from the pirate theme.
Meet Driver from the space theme.
More characters and themes coming soon!

Discover how to integrate games for a successful learning experience!

Add learning objectives into your RPG stories to create an enriching learning environment for your adventurers!

Get over 20 distinct character types with over 200 unique styles now!

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You will also receive a quick overview of what to expect for the final edition of WorldsXP when it comes to Kickstarter summer of 2019.